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Mamoncillo, Spanish Lime, Genip

Sweet Quenepa grown in Dominican Republic.

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About Quenepa Fruit

Quenepa Scientific Name
Melicoccus Bijugatus
Quenepa Common Names
Mamoncillo, Spanish lime, Genip, Guinep, Genipe, Ginepa, Chenet, Canepa, Mamon or Limoncillo.
Quenepa Origins
South and Central America, Caribbean
Quenepa Season
How To Eat Quenepa
Traditionally opened by biting into with the teeth. Inside the skin is the tart, tangy, creamy pulp (technically the seed coat, or aril), which is sucked by putting the whole fruit inside the mouth (hence the name mamoncillo as mamar means "to suck") because the seed takes most of the volume of what is inside the skin.

Quenepa Fruit Wiki


Melicoccus bijugatus , commonly called Spanish lime, genip, guinep, genipe, ginepa, quenepa, chenet, canepa, mamon, limoncillo or mamoncillo, is a fruit-bearing tree in the soapberry family Sapindaceae, native or naturalized across the New World tropics including South and Central America, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean.

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